Predating physician orders

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His son had had the wartime experience of stepping off a ship in Cape Town and having to be sheltered from local colour discrimination by his fellow army officers. Cocker Brown, to take Seretse from Euston to Peckham. I am sure he is going to get a lot of good out of Oxford', he wrote to Buchanan. Seretse responded practically, proposing to hire a private tutor to cram the required Latin into him. Seretse himself thought the timing rather optimistic in preparation time for the Bar exams, which might last until 1949 instead of 1948, but he was determined to stick out the course.

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See also Undermined by Reality, Actor Existence Limbo, Contractual Purity, and Creator Killer.As Lady Khama now puts it, during his first term or so at Oxford Seretse found the English the dullest and most unfriendly people he had ever met.When the nights grew longer and skies ever greyer, Seretse became miserable in an unfamiliar climate that was damp as well as cool.The Dominions Office [later Commonwealth Relations Office] in London knew of his arrival, but it was the responsibility of the London Missionary Society (L. S.) to meet him, and to take him to the home of Dr Harold Moody at 164 Queen's Road, Peckham, in south-east London, where he was to stay for a few days. Coupland was the doyen of historians of British imperialism. Taylor that British imperial historians were chaplains on the pirate ship . Coupland, by all accounts a rather confused character, was not prepared to press the case for Seretse's course in Romano-Dutch being a substitute for Latin as a prerequisite. Tshekedi's opinion was sought, and was forthright and emphatic. The whole course would earn Seretse a Bachelor of Arts degree in two years. Thus he would emerge as a qualified barrister with an Oxford B.

Moody was a black Briton who combined leadership of his community with respectability and refinement in the eyes of the establishment. sent a scion of one of its southern African mission families, Rev. Seretse therefore found himself lionized on arrival in London. Coupland's main work was a moralizing study of the Anti-Slavery movement that gave rise to the quip of A. Coupland took to Seretse immediately: 'What a very good sort he is. The subject which had given him nightmares since Tiger Kloof days now threatened to dog his plans for legal training ever after. A., and could return to Bechuanaland at the end of 1948.(All the students were male in the central colleges; there were a few women's colleges on the periphery.) One group was of recent school-leavers, usually products of upper class education and expectations, who might be opinionated but were entirely lacking in experience of a wider world.

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