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12-Feb-2020 15:06

Kritika Kamra is the perfect example of beauty with brains.

She seems like a people pleaser but in reality she is quite frank when she has to be and that’s what I love about her.

Based on the size, its intended use I would have guessed 1870's so 1868 would be a good choice.

The two choices you have given 1895 or 1868 sound about right.

I really want the character to be something like that, completely original. When you see the first few episodes it will be clear. I follow political news diligently, since I am very active on twitter; whether you like it or not you will come to know what is going on. What do you think about restrictions put on reporters?

I am not a fan of censorship as such or of bans, but we all need selfcensorship within us.

There are certain work ethics you need in every profession be it acting or journalism.

If as an actor today I misbehave on the sets or try to throw my weight around, I may not be thrown out of the show, but tomorrow no one will want to work with me again.Our vision is “Developing individuals and organisations through unlocking potential and transforming lives.” To gain an insight about Who we are; What we do; Our Strategic partners, why not view our corporate video.