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Galaxy (chat) is a mobile social network presenting an interactive several plataforms.

Each user designs a character (Galaxians) which they can move between planets (chat rooms), created by users according to their interests. The service began in 2007 in Russia and at present, numbers more than 44 million users from INDIA, Brazil, Pakistan, Nepal, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other countries of the CIS.

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Niko Constantin was the only male trainee of the Red Room's male equivalent dubbed "Wolf Spider", Niko Constantin proved to be an effective killer, but impossible to handle or control, leading to the program to be declared a failure. The new Black Widow program was making a reality out of the disinformation, thus helping hide what the real project had been.

Years later, he was found to be imprisoned in a Russian gulag, leading a gang of convicts dubbed the Wolf Spiders, and holding a grudge against James "Bucky" Barnes, one of the trainers for the Wolf Spider program. This Red Room program successfully trained their agent, Yelena Belova, though she soon left the service.

The core methodology was designed by Professor Grigor Pchelintsov, a leader in the field of psychotechnics, and allowed for imprinting people with almost completely fabricated memories.

During her training, Romanova was contacted by the Enchantress, who manipulated her simply for the sake of it suggesting that Romanova may be freed only to prevent her from escaping - however, Romanova's effort attracted attention of the program's organizers, who would had otherwise "discard" Romanova. Furthermore, the girls all received a special treatment designed by Dr. The Kudrin treatment could make women stay young for many decades, as well as superhumanly healthy and resilient. continued the Black Widow Ops Program at the Red Room in the late 1970's.

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To begin chatting in Galaxy, users create their character by selecting one of several suggested looks, a username and a gender; users may even select fantasy creatures, such as blue beings with bulls' heads. Users create gangs, marry other Galaxians, keep pets, play various games; for them, the chat becomes not just means of communication but a virtual community of people of different age and social status.

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