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Lina’s parents initially thought their daughter had a large abdominal tumor, but after they took her to a hospital in the town of Pisco physicians confirmed that her abdominal swelling was due to pregnancy.

Lina was eventually transferred to a hospital in Lima, where she delivered a six-pound baby boy by Cesarean section on (coincidentally the date on which Mother’s Day was celebrated that year).

Kennedy was shot in a car called 'Lincoln.' Booth ran from the theater and was caught in a warehouse. 35 meters of hair fiber is produced every day on the average adult scalp.

It takes about 20 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.

Onions get their distinctive smell by soaking up sulfur from the soil.

John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born! 8 Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939. A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe. The term Cop comes from Constable on Patrol, which is a term used in England.

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The names Lincoln and Kennedy each contain seven letters. Nobel Prize resulted from a late change in the will of Alfred Nobel, who did not want to be remembered as a propagator of violence-he invented dynamite.

Lina’s father was temporarily jailed on suspicion of incest, but he was released for a lack of evidence and authorities were never able to determine who fathered Lina’s child.