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There are two well-known centers of workshops, Rădăuţi and Marginea, but also Boroaia and Dolheşti are worth a mention.The potters of the Magopăţ family in Marginea and those of the Colibaba family in Rădăuţi are famous everywhere for their skills.The 96 incineration tombs found out at Zvoristea, as well as the archaeological discoveries in Silistea Scheii, Suceava , Bosanci and Dolhestii Mari, prove that Thracian –Geta and Dacian settlements existed there a long time ago.The lands of Suceava represented the places where Moldavia became an independent and feudal state in the 14th century.Bucovina is known for its folk costumes, furniture, pottery, tapestries and carpets.

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Woodworking is much appreciated in Bucovina, where the material is plentiful.To see local life one can also opt to stay in a pension.