Sample office dating policy

16-May-2020 16:10

UW Medicine is committed to high standards of professionalism in patient care, research and education among our faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and students.

Professionalism is integral to our mission of improving health, and includes demonstrating excellence, respect, integrity, compassion, altruism, and accountability in all endeavors and creating an environment supportive of diversity in ideas, perspectives and experiences.

In these challenging situations, supervisors should draw on existing resources including their own supervisors, administrative leadership, and human resources offices.

Accountability includes working to recognize and address one’s own biases (conscious and unconscious), and mitigating their impact on behavior as providers of care, teachers, scientists and learners.

Excellence also includes promoting and cultivating an institutional culture of inclusion, equity, and diversity in all its forms.

Pursuit of excellence should be accompanied by respect, integrity, compassion, altruism, and accountability.

Leaders in our community are expected to model, promote, and advocate for a strong and visible culture of professionalism.

represents dedication to continuous improvement of quality of care, research inquiry, and teaching effectiveness.

Accountability includes assisting UW Medicine in recognizing and addressing institutional racism and other forms of bias and taking action that demonstrates intolerance of discrimination, in contrast to condoning or perpetuating discrimination through inaction.