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12-Oct-2019 07:38

In December 2017, she played Supt Elizabeth Bancroft in the ITV miniseries Bancroft.

She has frequently co-starred opposite David Tennant — in the 2004 musical serial Blackpool; the Tony Marchant drama Recovery; the 2006 Doctor Who Christmas special episode, "The Runaway Bride"; and most recently in the third series of the ITV crime drama Broadchurch.

Eight months later, my husband and I mark another annual ritual: the day she was taken from us in January 2009.

When that day comes round, we just stay indoors with our memories.

Since March 2014 she has played the role of Anna Rampton in two series of the BBC TV comedy W1A.

Since November 2015 Parish has portrayed Cheryl Fairweather in Sky One sitcom Trollied.

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We got to enjoy Ella-Jayne for eight months and, however deep our grief, we have to remember that those months are more than some parents get before they lose a child.

She is currently starring in new ITV drama Bancroft.