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30-Apr-2020 12:06

If they’re savvy enough to be online dating, the chances are they’ve got at least some social media presence.

If you’re Googling your potential heartthrob (admit it, we all do), and they’ve only recently joined Facebook and Twitter, your suspicions should be raised.

, the sad but true reality is that online dating is a hotbed of tricks, lies and scams.

They say that love is blind, but if your eyes are open to these common warning signs, there’s a better chance your love’s labors won’t be lost.

If it returns lots of hits from photo libraries, people with different names, or some minor actor, you’ve just rumbled a fake.

While romantic novels might be full of dashing, handsome, mysterious gentlemen who just arrive in town one day, in the current age it’s practically impossible to have no online history.

Another sign you’re not talking to the person you think you are is an unwillingness to speak on the phone.

It’s not just the scammers and criminals who might be taking advantage of your quest for ‘the one’.

Online dating is big business – in order to lure you in, dating sites have been caught creating fake, attractive profiles using celebrity photographs, stock images of models, or even photographs and personal details of real individuals who have no idea their images have been used – stolen from Facebook, usually.

Secondly – and this is the part to watch out for – they ask you for money.

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Thinking you’re falling in love softens your natural suspicions towards others on the web; this might sound obvious, but it works a depressing amount of the time.No matter how strong you feel your bond is, check yourself before you send money to someone you’ve never met.