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There is a reason why the Apostle Paul calls the call of God on the life of the Christian "the redemption of the body," West said, referencing Romans 8: 21–23."Christ came in the flesh to redeem our flesh.The human body, is therefore not only profoundly theological but is itself a proclamation of the Gospel message," he stressed.Filipino Catholic devotees light candles and offer prayers after attending a mass at a National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Baclaran, Paranaque city, metro Manila, Philippines on September 18, 2016.The whole Bible can be summed up in five words: "God wants to marry us," says a Catholic lay minister whose ministry showcasing the beauty of Christian sexuality and marriage is growing in popularity among evangelicals."You need to confess that you haven't been honest with God. Prayer is where we get naked before God so He can love us as we really are."Such transparency coupled with his theologically robust teaching is being seen as a welcome, timely change among many evangelicals who, when it comes to sexuality, haven't been taught much about it except sexual morality.You need to confess that you have been wearing all these masks. While the moral dimensions are important the tack falls short, West contends, and that incomplete approach is often rooted in an evangelical framing of the Christian faith that begins at the wrong starting point, beginning with the Fall of Man in Genesis 2 instead of the very good creation of Genesis 1.As debates about sexual identity continue to rage in contemporary American society and in some churches, Christopher West, founder of the Cor Project and author of , is anchoring this, the touchiest of subjects, to the greater biblical story.And this great story is a nuptial one."We are going through the worst of times and the best of times, because, as Paul tells us [in Romans ], where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more," West said of the current state of affairs regarding sexuality in a recent interview with The Christian Post about his ministry among evangelicals.

This current revolution is happening at warp speed."Craig Carter, a theology professor at Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto, Canada, has predicted evangelicals will embrace the Theology of the Body in great numbers, and "those who do will come to an understanding of sexual morality that is grounded in divine revelation," he is quoted as saying on West's website."If the Church can recover that kind of sexual morality, then I think the Church will be in the position to launch the second sexual revolution that John Paul longed for and sought to prepare the way for," Carter said.West frequently tells his audiences that it's his personal mission with his passionate promotion of the Theology of the Body to "set the clock for the theological time bomb" to go off in order to launch such a "second sexual revolution.""If marriage is the original icon for Christ's love and the Church then marriage is going to go the same way that Christ went.