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Now before you scream that I’m racist and misogynistic, realize I’m not speaking in absolutes. I’ve been conditioned that they will reject me before I get three words out. I know many of my students would love to date Asian girls, but they are usually too closed off and awkward and afraid to give them a shot. Oh, Indian, Phillipino, and other “Asian” girls don’t have this issue.

I’m only speaking from six years of personal experience. I’m assuming that cultural upbringing has everything to do with a girl’s approachability. It’s pretty much exclusive to Chinese, Japanese and some Koreans.

As soon as he said that my mom knelt down on the floor and held his knees and said- Mom- Please sir, don’t be so harsh on us. Rajeev (Money lender)- Its not possible for me to wait any longer. he is in his final stage of his education, I beg you not to spoil his life.

As soon as he gets a job he will pay you the amount.

I came to my room and locked it and laid on the bed. I didn’t go anywhere since it was the day it was going to happen. he knows many pharmacists who would lend him what he wants. And told him I needed some strong sleeping pills as I was not getting proper sleep from many days. He has always been a bug fan of Mom’s figure and began fucking her in his mind as soon as he saw her. She welcomed him He went and hugged her in front of me with a tight grip, her boobs could be seen losing its shape from round to flat as he pressed his chest against her tender breasts.

The pictures of Rajeev enjoying my beautiful godly mother started running through my mind. I thought about mom a ripened fruit with no one to eat it. But where was I supposed to find sleeping pills, its hard to get without a medical prescription. Vinesh is very close to me hence he agreed to help me. Then I took him to my room and asked if he brought the pills. “There will be no side effects as such, but to get a sound sleep its enough if you take just one. To which I answered “come and find out for yourself uncle” “I will be there in half an hour boy” he said and hung up as though he were in a great hurry. I taped her back, I rubbed her bare back through the gap from her blouse. Then my hands slowly slid downwards over her “mountains”.

I was wondering what he could tell me and looked at my mom in confusion. I stepped outside and went to him as my mom went inside. I didn’t want to hurt my Padma’s feelings anymore that’s why I had to say something. I’m not a fool to miss this opportunity and I don’t think you are a fool either. Me – (I kind of had an idea where he was heading and dumbly asked this question anyway. Rajeev- don’t act dumb kid, I want some intimate moments with your mother. We can use this situation to mutually benefit each other. I didn’t know what to answer to mom when I go inside the house. Not knowing what to tell her I told a spontaneous lie that Uncle is very kind hearted and he is willing to wait till my education is complete. When she hugged me the thoughts of Rajeev hugging my mom came in front of my eyes and I felt bad about it. Even though if she agrees to it, it will not be whole heartedly. Those thoughts of Rajeev groping my mom’s naked breasts started giving me a erection.I remember once I saw a cute Asian girl at a stop light. So if you have experience picking up Asian Girls in N. And if you want to read about all the women I’ve seduced in graphic detail, check out my best-selling novel.After few minutes of imaging what could be happening inside the room, the rhythmic screeching sound of the bed from mom’s room brought me to real world. Rajeev was pounding on mom, his moment was making the bed move- which was making that noise.

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Since I didn’t know in what position exactly they were in, I imagined them in all sort of positions.Even though she doesn’t know where my father is, she behaves like a sumangali, wearing sindhoor on her forehead, wearing bangles and Mangalasutra.