Sharepoint blog rss not updating

11-Mar-2020 11:00

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First you have Outlook which also receives the alert emails.

However, rather than go into your traditional email box, Outlook places RSS feeds in a separate folder in the Folders section rather than the Mail section.

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A page appears with some basic information about what an RSS Feed is and includes a link to subscribe to this feed.You even have options that determine what types of changes you want to be notified about.Alerts can be scheduled to arrive instantly, daily, or monthly.The way Share Point creates the RSS link in the navigation is that it renders an empty div tag with the id ‘Blog RSSNav’ as part of the navigation control.

When the posts list web part renders it generates the URL for the RSS feed and dynamically writes this into the ‘Blog RSSNav’ div using javascript.

The steps involved are: Subscribe to an external feed provider I won’t go through this here but it basically involves signing up to a site such as feedburner and pointing your feed to the address of your Share Point blog feed (which will be something like /_layouts/listfeed.aspx? This will give you a new feed address you can use to access a feed of your blog posts.