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I really would like to hear about international releases of Suzuki films from those of you who have seen them and how they stack up to the Criterion and HVE releases., the image quality is quite impressive.I think the Criterion titles are better films overall, but the Homevision movies are probably more representative of his genre work, so I would definitely recommend them to fans or anyone with an interest in Japanese cinema.

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But how are the two lovers to overcome all the obstacles in their way: Mikami's over-devotion to the Japanese military code and the Lieutenant's negative reactions to the relationship (including sending Mikami to the front to die an honorable death).

Cheers at the Harbour: Triumph in My Hands (Minato no kanpai: Shori wo wagate ni) (1956) Pure Emotions of the Sea (Hozuna wa utau: Umi no junjo) (1956) Town of Devils (Akuma no machi) (1956) Floating Hotel (Ukigusa no yado) (1957) Eight Hours of Horror (Hachijikan no Kyofu) (1957) Nude Girl with a Gun (Rajo to kenju) (1957) The Spring That Didn't Come (Fumihazushita haru) (1958) Underworld Beauty (Ankokugai no bijo) (1958) HVE Voice in the Shadows (Kagenaki koe) (1958) Blue Breasts II (Humihazushita haru: Aoi chibusa II) (1958) Love Letter (Rabu Retaa) (1959) Passport to the Underworld (Ankoku no Ryoken) (1959) Naked Age (Suppadaka no Nenrei) (1959) Fighting Delinquents (Kutabare gurentai) (1960) Yume Take Aim at the Police Van (Jûsangô taihi-sen ori: Sono gôshô o nerae) (1960) Beastly Sleep (Kemono no nemuri) (1960) Undercover 0-Line (Mikko 0-rain) (1960) Everything Is Crazy (Subete ga kurutteru) (1960) Tokyo Knights (Tokyo kishitai) (1961) Bloody Channel (Kaikyo, chi ni somete) (1961) Go to Hell, Youth Gangs! Guren-tai) (1961) The Man with the Hollow-tip Bullets (Sandan-ju no otoko) (1961) Reckless Boss (Muteppo-daisho) (1961) Million Dollar Match (Hyakuman doru o tatakidase) (1961) New Wind over the Mountain (Toge o wataru wakai kaze) (1961) Those Who Bet on Me (Ore ni kaketa yatsura) (1962) Teen Yakuza (Hai tiin yakuza) (1962) The Bastard (Akutaro) (1963) Kanto Wanderer (Kanto mushuku) (1963) HVE Detective Office 2-3: Go to Hell, Bastards!