Signing and dating art prints

16-Jan-2020 04:19

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If there existed an official rule book, set of laws, or holy parchment that contained the answers I’d direct everybody to the web page.

But I don’t think something like that exists, and I know the process of signing fine art is less than defined.

I'd show you an image or two, but they're copyrighted so I can't.

But I think we can all agree that if the watermark interferes with the viewing of the image—and some do—then it's too large.

Once you sign, that ink or paint becomes part of the print, and you want it to last.

Art stores typically carry archival pens for signing various mediums. Either way, make sure the contents of the pen are acid-free and archival quality.

Since the signature states that the print was truly produced and/or approved by the artist, it becomes more desirable to art collectors.Whether it’s legible or not, your name is still on the print and you’re promoting your brand.