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14-Nov-2019 22:21

"Grabbed the victim by the arms, dragging her out of sight of the house," Skubic quoted the police report as saying. Dickson then released her throat and with two of his fingers jammed them into the centre of her throat." The woman decided not to proceed with charges.

"He then put his hands around her throat and began to choke her. A shoplifting allegation from 2008 was also withdrawn, Skubic said.

Dickson's lawyer, Robert Nuttall, said his client accepted the verdict, but he will look to see if there are grounds for appeal.

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"We are still very sad," Jian Hui Liu said after the verdict through a translator.

Dickson had no criminal record but had charges withdrawn three times in the past, two of which were alleged crimes against women, the bail hearing was told.