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Filmed in Alaska, the breathtaking beauty and captivating snowboarding techniques featured in the video exposed snowboarding to a new generation, and by 1998 snowboarding constituted almost 50% of all winter activity. There are still a few holding on to the past but this is unlikely to continue as the number of snowboarders continually increases.From the first crudely built snowboards to the advanced and specialized models available today, snowboarders have carried a image.Meet up between 9- outside the ticket office next to the large trail map in hopes to be on snow by 10.

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There's one common thread though - a passion for snow sports and a dislike of single supplements! People who pick solo ski / snowboarding holidays come from all walks of life, and are generally quite sociable having decided to join a group like this.Snowboarding continued to increase in popularity over the next several years.In 1985 the first magazine dedicated specifically to snowboarding hit the news stands with huge success and furthered the popularity of this exciting sport.Come join a rad group of ladies at Loveland on Thursday, November 30 to shred the mountain and work on improving your riding on all types of riding.

Our main focus is a non-pressured park session, however we also enjoy ripping up turns on groomers too!

It's a normal catered chalet holiday, except you'd be sharing a room with other solo skiers (of the same sex), so keeping the costs down.