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04-Apr-2020 11:17

Although the console requires a Windows server to run, it will allow you to manage Sophos installations on Windows, OS X and Linux.It will also manage update sources (but not allow monitoring or configuration of policies) for a number of other platforms such as Netware and various flavours of unix.Integrate the XML files created in step 4 into the package with the [Config tool.`"%programfiles%\Sophos\Enterprise Console\SUM\configcid.exe" "%userprofile%\Desktop\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML"` 6. To save space, you can now delete the following files and folders, if they exist: * From the savinst\SAVSCFXP folder on the desktop: all of the NAC, RMS, SAVXP and SCF subfolders * From the savinst\SAVSCFXPXML folder: crt setup*.* 7.Type `"%userprofile%\Desktop\savinst\SAVSCFXP"` if using a command prompt. Create a copy of the SAVSCFXP folder and rename the copy to SAVSCFXPXML.

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For the purpose of this article Win RAR will be used, but any other tool that accomplishes the same job is acceptable. Inside the savinst folder, select both SAVSCFXP and SAVSCFXPXML, then right-click and choose “Add to archive…” 2.

Specify in the “Path to extract” text field:%System Root%\Temp\savinst 5. Click OK to generate the self-extracting installer Run the self-extracting installer on all machines where SESC is to be deployed.