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The gated aisle seen here is just a small section of the art holdings in the archives Antique syrup fountains, like the ones seen here, would've been used in the early days to make the beverage - which Ryan refers to as 'the ritual'.

One ounce of syrup would be dispensed from the ceramic urn and added to five ounces of carbonated water - which was thought to have healing properties at the time Coca-Cola was created by a Confederal Colonel living in Georgia named John Pemberton in 1885.

On Monday, July 22, 2013 the Austin American Statesman reported that during the summer of 2013 the parent company of The Chive (Resignation Media) was re-locating to a renovated space in downtown Austin, TX.

In 2007, the "Donald Trump tip" hoax involved a doctored photo of a Santa Monica restaurant receipt that was supposedly signed by Donald Trump indicating that a ,000 tip was left on a bill of .27.

Ryan’s job as the company archivist is to preserve Coke’s past – and to understand the role history can play in the company’s current directives.

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Ted Ryan, the archivist for Coca-Cola, preserves the history of the iconic brand that has become synonymous with happiness.