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Friday’s session entitled “See Thee Rise”, led by National SFC Coordinator John Acosta, recalled the roots of the community in Canada and honoured those who had come before, pointing ultimately to God’s faithfulness and love the entire time.

Saturday night saw both CFC-Youth and SFC separate into different programs.

Through four sessions, CFC-Youth and SFC members grew deeper in appreciation of the past, recognition of the presence of Mary’s intercession and Christ’s rising, and looked joyfully to the future for another 20 years (and beyond) of both ministries.

View all the photos After nearly a year of anticipation, 1300 members of both CFC-Youth and CFC Singles for Christ (SFC) came together at the annual True North Conference to commemorate twenty years as established parts of the Couples for Christ Family Ministries in Canada.

While CFC-Youth remained in the War Memorial Gym, SFC gathered in the ballroom of the Student Union Building where many of them had before as CFC-Youth in 2010 for the “ALIVE!

In their sessions, CFC-Youths were empowered to recognise challenges in their spiritual lives and service in the community and then overcome them with Christ through “Jesus Live”, a talk-show session hosted by CFC-Youth Big Sky Full-Time Pastoral Worker (FTPW) Kyle Beley and Ysabel Germaine.

In the Student Union Building, the SFC teachings revolved around John the Apostle through SFC Vancouver FTPW Candy Subang’s “The One Who Remained” while CFC-Youth Pacific FTPW Miguel Javier’s “To Jesus Through Mary” inspired a desire to deepen a maternal relationship with Mary.

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