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Trying to work with detached entities may result in those not-managed exceptions, you should re-query the entity or you could try it with merge (or similar methods).

When refreshing, no persist should be needed (there is nothing to save, just to receive).

You can listen for notifications from the database with Pg JDBC's listen/notify support.

You will need to unwrap any connection pooler managed , you could poll a change log table on a timer, and have a trigger on the problem table append changed row IDs and change timestamps to the change log table.

can contain a payload, usually a row ID, so you don't have to invalidate your entire cache, just the entity that has changed.

On older versions where a payload isn't supported you can either add the invalidated entries to a timestamped log table that your helper class queries when it gets a event, it can invalidate individual cache entries (see below), or flush the entire cache.

em.detach() will detach the entity (thus removing it from the context). I believe its the side effect of the architectural style you have chosen: REST.

The greatest return on investment will be for new players or those with limited characters unlocked.I used Net Beans 7.2 (as described here) to create REST based services derived from those views and tables and deployed those to a Glassfish server.There is another process which asynchronously updates contents in some of tables used to build the views.In Postgre SQL you can use an when it is accessed again within the same session, whether or not your application still has references to it.

This attached instance won't be up-to-date if your database contents have since changed.

The 2nd level cache, which is optional, is at the You can either disable caching entirely (see: Link/FAQ/How_to_disable_the_shared_cache?

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