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In 1938 she asked an archaeologist, Mr Basil Brown, to excavate several of the barrows.

Three of the mounds had already be robbed in ancient times but one of them still contained a spectacular Anglo Saxon burial chamber built inside a 30 metre long wooden ship.

This British treasure is believed to have once belonged to a Jacobean jeweller who hid it during the English Civil War and never had the opportunity to reclaim it. Hidden Circa: 75 BC Historic Period: Iron Age / Iceni Discovered When: 1948 / 1850 / 1990 AD Location Found: Norfolk | England Found By: Mr Charles Hodder (PMD*) Displayed: British Museum | Norwich Castle Primary Materials: Gold, Silver & Jet Number of Items: 150 Est.

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This provenance is not certain and several other theories have been proposed by historians and archaeologists.While the gold and gemstones are enough to excite the treasure hunter in all of us, the true value of these finds lies in their ability to open a window in the lives of the British peoples across the millennia.