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One was short, one was tall, but there wasn't a big selection of guys and I remember a bunch of the girls competing to get Dave.'And when Shelly finally got him her attitude towards the other girls [about everything] was very much, "Well you're just upset because I got Dave."'So that of course doesn't go over well with the other girls - they moved on and married other guys and were happy, but she would bring that up.'She was moody, she was a jealous type of person.'When disgruntled, Janis said, Shelly would simply not talk to a person, sometimes giving them the silent treatment for days on end.

Miscavige was, Janis recalled, far more personable and outgoing than Shelly when the pair started dating around 1978.

By then they were at Scientology's International or Gold Base - a secure compound set in scrubby ranchland about 90 miles east of Los Angeles.

Janis's husband, Paul, worked with Miscavige and got along with him so well that, when he and Janis married they asked Miscavige - who once worked on the church's educational and promotional movies - to be their photographer.

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Janis said: 'Like everybody they had their ups and downs, but you definitely knew that it was Dave who wore the pants in the family.'Shelly listened to what Dave had to say.'But, however apparently cool the relationship was, at least publicly, it was one from which Shelly benefited at first as Miscavige rose to power.

Clarisse, Janis observed, did not have a close relationship with her mother, nor, it transpired did her younger sister Michelle, know by all as Shelly.

She said: 'A friend who knew them both in LA before they came to the ship said she never saw any sign of their mother.

Ron Hubbar, has painted Shelly as a miserable misfit, deeply affected by her dysfunctional childhood, who relished the status her role as the COB's wife and assistant afforded her.

And she has shared her own disturbing claim that 56-year-old Shelly is trapped in 'her own personal hell.'Janis said: 'Shelly came to the ship (L Ron Hubbard's Apollo) around 1972 when she would have been around 11 or 12 years old.'Janis had known of Shelly's existence because her older sister, Clarisse, and mother Flo, had roomed with the Gilham family when they lived in England and studied with L Ron Hubbard at St Hill Manor, East Grinstead.But Janis is doubtful that this is a reassurance that Shelly is safe and well, saying: 'I have no doubt they spoke to Shelly but there was probably somebody standing beside her when they did.'According to Janis, another former Scientologist saw communications addressed to Shelly at the religion's notoriously secret and secure base near Lake Arrowhead, California back in 2006.

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