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26-Sep-2019 03:09

Sprint (formerly known as Sprint Nextel) offers mobile phone and mobile internet service, including text messages and voice mail, to individuals and businesses. Sprint's parent company also operates Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Assurance Wireless.

Nathaniel Meyer’s old office was nestled in a sea of high-walled cubicles in a hulking AT&T network reliability center outside Charlotte.

By 2020 it aims to retrain 100,000 of those people for radically new jobs.

The project, referred to at the company as the Workforce 2020 initiative, is a more than billion-dollar investment that comes with a suite of new programs, new facilities, and a concerted push toward worker reeducation.

If AT&T can pull it off, it will avoid sweeping layoffs and perhaps give its entire software net- work strategy a critical competitive edge.

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AT&T was, and is, in the throes of a huge transformation.

Its corporate business has also boomed, as companies zap increasingly huge amounts of data among offices and the cloud-server farms run by the likes of Amazon and Microsoft.