Updating mac os x 10 3 9 hostfile

07-Oct-2019 15:30

is used by your computer to map hostnames to IP addresses.By adding or removing lines to your hosts file you can change where certain domains will point when you access them in a browser or using other software.

Pay attention to the comments, which are signified by “#” symbols.

For more information on wildcard DNS records (Wikipedia), and an article Wildcard hosting with Apache and Bind for Linux using bind and Apache.

At worst, you could use a local DNS server I suppose.

If an existing domain is added to this file along with an IP, it will call on As an example, web developers often have to use this file to access developer servers which aren’t tied to a domain.

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By pointing a domain or sub-domain like “mysite1.mysite.com” to the IP at which the development site is located it is easier to access the site.

This also helps prevent the rest of the web accessing that server easily.

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