Validating a form

04-Jul-2020 05:13

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Another method is to display what they've entered as part of a 'confirmation page'.The problem here is that you're making the password visible in the browser, browser cache, proxy, etc.Otherwise your application needs to provide this function.Passwords need to be stored encrypted in the database or elsewhere and any backups should also be encrypted.Again, you can use the form below to test this regular expression: Restricting which characters can be used is not good practice as punctuation and other symbols provide extra security.

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After all it's only the browser display being obfuscated and not the data transfer.A lot of websites now require registration, meaning that users need to be assigned a username and password.Here are some simple steps to make the process more secure.They can be used not just in Java Script, but also PHP, Perl, Java and many other languages.

Some text editors (not just vi) also allow them when searching for or replacing text. This is a new technique available in modern browsers and definitely the way of the future.Some common restrictions are: Leaving the last requirement for now, as it requires a server-side script, let's see what's possible using just client-side HTML and Java Script.

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