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***hint hint** 🙂 I'm trying to subscribe but itunes isn't letting me. - Building list, Selling, Organizing, Healthy lifestyle I am looking forward to hearing more episodes on your podcast I jumped on this the moment I saw it was available!I will continue until it works because I REALLY want to be and to hear all your episodes. I've listened to the first two episodes so far and it's a lot of fun!Hopefully get to meet you and share some of my Music. Great interview with Tim Ferriss, who's 5 min daily journalling has changed my life. I will tell you my soul instrument at sumocon this year (or if I win the grand prize) and right now I deleted so many apps I am having notification withdraws. It's cool to hear him every week on his new podcast. Also, you have a lot of comments so I'm not sure if you'll read this, but any updates on the home automation setup? Most people tell you to draw from previous accomplishments to have confidence in what you can do.Come for the banjo, stay the refreshing new business info Can't lie, I’m a recovering business podcast junkie. But after hearing the same “gurus” spewing out the same worn out stories and tips on every podcast I was over it. Happy that you're taking a dive into this medium in 2017. I'm a UX designer with the goal this year to learn front end dev and programming.But after hearing Noah, was launching a podcast I knew it would be different. I've shared it across my social profiles, my company slack, about 5 other slack groups that i'm part of, my VC's internal network, hacker news and Reddit 🙂 This movement that you're helping promote ... After hearing this, I signed up for Tree House and am working my way through the courses. Noah is that source of upbeat can-do-anything attitude that is healthy for any entrepreneur, but also for anyone like me, who has come from a background where people hate on innovation and creativity, it helps to have that champion for your passion. Loved the book review episode, as well as Darren's episode. 😉 I'd personally have a lot to gain from the small lifestyle business episodes, strategy teardowns, advice for super early stage sales, etc.

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Nice to hear from someone who is right at the beginning of the business building process and your advice was excellent! I'd love to hear more about the 'ah ha' moments these individuals had along the way. There's so many to options out there now, I didn't think I needed another one. Such easy flow of conversations on topics you don't usually hear people ask. Listened to the Tim Ferriss interview so I could leave an honest review.I ear guzzled all 5 launch week podcast episodes and they did not disappointment. Keep it up, and if you ever need some mandolin to go with that banjo, hollar at me. I have always searched out podcasts where he is a guest so it's great that I will be able to find him regularly on his own show.

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