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Before proceeding with the main subject of this chapter, it may be advisable to say a few words of explanation respecting historical manuscripts, and the methods of delineation pursued by mediaeval artists.We find that very few persons, apart from those in touch with the actual books, have the least idea what, say, “Cott. Nero D vii.” implies; and as references have already been made, and will frequently be met with in succeeding chapters, the explanation may probably be acceptable.The Lady of the English on her visit to Winchester on 3rd March 1141.Matilda was given a formal welcome to Winchester and handed the keys to the treasury.It was made of linen or fine cloth, and at the time of the Conquest did not reach below the knees, and was furnished with short sleeves.Among the upper classes this garment is never visible, nd it is simply from representations among the humbler people that we are aware of its existence.

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William the Conqueror (Guillaume le Conquérant) 1027/28-1087, was from 1035 as Wilhelm II Duke of Normandy and ruled from 1066 as William I. The Romanized Norman was the last ruler who Britain could conquer from the outside.Over these, various systems of cross-gartering were used (Fig. The Bayeux Tapestry exhibits the plainest form of shoes worn by all persons represented upon it, no ornamental work being discernible upon any character. The colours shown are yellow, blue, green, and red.As the period progressed they wore also short boots reaching above the ankle, with a plain band round the tops.This material was chiefly dedicated to sacred uses; but it was not confined to the Church however, for we know it was used by the Norman monarchs, the nobility, and ladies of high rank on particular occasions, when more than an ordinary display of pomp was required.

It is highly probable that many other rich materials mentioned in the 13th century were introduced at this time, although they are not distinctly identified by name.

The essential garments affected by the Normans were the tunic, the super-tunic, and the mantle.

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