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; Steve King talks demography; Literally Henry VI; Reading Intro — What do women want?

— Charles Murray: A man for all hates — Commissars in the Opera House — SCOTUS makes war on the jury system — Anti-whites take over the Democratic Party — Miscellany: Fifty years of white ethnomasochism; Geert Wilders' campaign not in vain; Partying in the jury room — Signoff: Everyone's mother's favorite Intro — Not the State of the Union speech — The first duty of intelligent men — Russia: a modest proposal — Endgame in North Korea?

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; Europe hates kids — Signoff: An exhortation to filial piety Intro — Radical liberalism kills eight in London — Theresa the Lackluster — The real political divide? — Miscellany: Freshwomen go left; Alternative for Germany gets new leader; India's gruesome headlines; Vlad tinkles the ivories; Bulgars shun Cult Marx; Memorable last words — Signoff: What Juilliard won't teach you Intro — Trump, Comey, and inward micturition — The long littleness of politics — Emmanuel Macron, leader of the Frog-Boiling Party — The unmentionable real issues — Happy upcoming birthday, India! ; Trayvon Martin graduates college; "Virtue signalling" Intro — Budget basics — Acuckalypse now!

— Miscellany: Islam gains two new postulants; Intro — Emote along with Barack — Revenge of the spooks — The rumbustious President-Elect — Sessions cool under fire — Culture watch at MTV — Miscellany: Right comely, left homely; Cory Booker, PUA; Pew maps the Obama years — Signoff: MLK's …

inspiration Intro — Black gang attacks: what are the numbers?

————————— Listed below are transcripts of as many broadcasts as I have currently been able to recover.

I have no transcripts for older broadcasts, but can make the sound files available by special request.

Intro — The North Korean knot — China's circus, China's monkey — Let's make a deal — Two Minutes Hate at Google — Back to the Paleolithic — Men fight, women gossip — Miscellany: The new GIs; Brits tell politicians on Brexit "Just get out"; The military takes a stand; The Turkmen president astonishes again — Signoff: Life advice for the younger generation Intro — The Derb Immigration Primer — The policy we need: Derbian Minimalism — The policy we have: Antiwhite capitalism — Immigration ignorance, a case study — Immigration sentimentality — Trumpian immigration reform — Battle is joined! Asians; Our military fights World War T; Intro — In praise of grandiloquence — Eastern Civ.'s black hole — The rising tide of sexual confusion — Black Americans celebrate the Fourth — Miscellany: Justin Trudeau loves immigrants; Chi Coms have no shame; Healthcare kabuki; Ms.

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