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13-Mar-2020 15:47

And his actions in the first three episodes might mean that the goal of the clowns terrorizing Ally is to get her to join up, like the other characters he’s targeted.

There’s the weird chemical spray truck and Harrison’s crazy plastic barrels (which are of the variety Walter White used to dissolve bodies on “Breaking Bad,” if you remember).

Trump's Judicial Pick Withdraws After Viral Hearing Video; House Republicans Seeking Billions Disaster Aid Package; CNN Probe Prompts Review Of Puerto Rico Hurricane Deaths.

Trump Doesn't Want Intel On Russia Interference; Omarosa's Exit Raises Questions About White House Diversity; Pres.

There were plenty of clues popping up about Harrison and Meadow, and fans have been suspicious of Ivy from the start.

Wednesday night’s premiere revealed much about this season: that it was based on true events, that it would involve the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke colony in 16th century North Carolina, and that it would feature a “dramatic re-enactment” with two sets of actors playing the same roles. Holland and Lily Rabe play a married couple who leave the stress of L. for the seemingly calm oasis of North Carolina, where they face a series of disturbing incidents.

Of course, they’re in complete denial: Holland just blames everything on their redneck neighbors—one of whom is played by none other than Chaz Bono.

The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant split from longtime girlfriend Jennifer Elia in December 2011 -- just a year and a half after he had undergone gender reassignment surgery.

For 42-year-old Bono, it also means that he is now hitting the single market for the first time as a man.But when speaking to magazine recently about dating and dancing, he seemed blithely unconcerned about the details. If I never have bottom surgery [the procedure by which a penis is created], I'm fine. That doesn't mean that Bono isn't entirely dismissing the idea of undergoing surgery.

"Which is why we feel so honored and privileged that Disney allowed us to do this." And given that has always talked about making the most of those "104 days of summer vacation," it's entirely appropriate that this show's finale (which airs tonight on Disney XD and simulcast on Disney Channel at 9 p.m.… continue reading »

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You think better of taking the plunge, opting instead to re-enter the most likely password from before, on the off chance you made a balls of it the first time you tried it. Naturally, she won't have a bull's notion what her Verified password is, and knowing too well how badly things go wrong when you play the guessing game with this difficult, mythical beast, you look to reset her password. … continue reading »

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