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#Spades Champ #Yes We Have Belts #Blessed Beyond Measure #Family Over Everything A post shared by Keshia Knight Pulliam (@keshiaknightpulliam) on Before officially announcing her engagement, Pulliam flashed the ring in a prior Instagram post, and although she made didn t mention the news, a few fans noticed the sparkler, making note of it in the comments.

#Spades Champ #Yes We Have Belts #Blessed Beyond Measure #Family Over Everything,” she captioned the pic.

reruns in the wake of the controversy reignited by comedian Hannibal Buress calling Cosby a rapist (and when I still couldn’t imagine the nearly decade-long accusations against Cosby would ever come to a jury), I don’t know that we need to lose over this. But her presence, almost certainly part of a well-planned public relations campaign on the part of the defense, also encourages us to conflate Cosby and Cliff, and what’s good for one isn’t so good for the other.

And we haven’t: Cable channels TV One and Bounce TV still carry the show. I grew up watching The Wonderful World of Color (in black and white, since we didn’t have a color set) when Walt Disney still hosted it.

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Whether all the women involved knew they were being taped isn’t entirely clear.

With as much enthralling television fare around these days, I can’t imagine why I’d be longing for the shows of yesteryear. All the same, as I contemplated this week’s Now, before you get up in arms, I already know that I did a post on my favorite Huxtable kid just last month.

Pardon the redundancy and go with me on this one, okay?

but since he arrived in season three, I’m going to ignore that fact especially when I take into account that Denise’s bland husband Martin was seen dancing in the season six credits after just arriving, and Pam, a character that is often forgotten, is seen dancing in the season eight credits after making her debut a season earlier. I remember watching a marathon and thinking that Kenny was hilarious.

The character was featured a lot more when he and Rudy entered middle school, and I got a kick out of seeing him grow jealous of Rudy’s new relationship with Stanley.

I also enjoyed Richmond’s interactions with the always comedic Elaine Stritch, who played his teacher. ’ comes to mind when Richmond was forced to dance with Stritch in a scene where all of Kenny’s classmates had paired up to dance leaving him without a partner his age. I suppose my point in all of this is that since Kenny was such a fun character, he should have been promoted.