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11-Jan-2020 13:20

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The increase in crime is thanks to the drug lords that have started moving into the once quiet town. No criminal would mess with her with a big German Shepherd around.Hell, there were even rumors of human trafficking rings making Cedarville their new home, thanks to an incompetent, understaffed police department. Without a care in the world, Katie was sitting on one of the long pool chairs with her dog right beside her, sunbathing in her red lifeguard bikini.It was a clear, sunny day in the Cedarville community pool.The now empty pool would appear unrecognizable to those who frequent it during other hot summer days.

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She was a hot, incredibly skinny blonde that nearly all the boys in her school would do anything for.

Yeah, she was not about to spend an entire day in a poor, crime filled part of town without her best pal with her.

Sub par quality genes looking for the super human gene and in their description its even listed that if you don't meet the super human quality they seek no matter how subpar they themselves are (obese, below average facial features, have 4 kids or more sometimes fathered by different guys...) then don't bother contacting them LOLMost of them are above average weight single mums. Having a near total lack of interest in clubs, I've found RSVP to work quite well.… continue reading »

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With Halloween just around the corner, it seems incredibly appropriate to talk about one of the most common dating practices out there— you guessed it, ghosting!… continue reading »

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