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The only aggravating feature was deemed to be the disparity in age.Richard Hull, defending, described it as an isolated incident and said a significant amount of time had elapsed since the offence.

"He said he did music and worked with young boys and lads and went on to say it was hard to control himself when he saw 11-year-old students." Kemp said it was 'fantasy' under the influence of alcohol.

The offence took place in March 2013 and came to light when police seized the computer of the 16-year-old, now aged 20, when they were investigating him in relation to an alleged offence.

It was as a result of this they discovered the conversations between Kemp and the 16-year-old. Mr Shakoor said: "He replied that he didn't mind because he was 'cute'." Mr Shakoor said because the boy was not a child at the time it made it an 'attempt' rather than the 'full offence'.

But Branson’s hilarious response turned Harris’s face redder than her dress. ” The 66-year-old mogul then told the rest of the studio panel about the last time he met the 35-year-old host – who announced she was pregnant last month.

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He said: “The last time we met was in a hangar about ten years ago and I can still remember — and she’s wearing red, lady in red …

“That comment of yours has created a bit of buzz online, you could say,” said Wilkins. You can see by the look on my face.” Earlier this month, Sir Richard Branson caused a pregnant Australian TV presenter to blush after flirting outrageously with her live on air.