Yoon eun hye and daniel henney dating

08-Jun-2020 20:19

I think he's a humble person, natural and fun to be with.All casts who had ever worked with him in his other dramas always showed very natural acting skills.Black, but after finished watching it, I change my mind and now becoming his big fan already ^_- For whom you have not yet watched GBMB, totally recommend it !!It is one of the best from MBC! I have been watching this for 2nd time, and still enjoy it a lot, this drama has its revenge, mellow parts, romance, thrilling, it is sooo complete, I watched it for the 1st time in its original country South Korea, now rerun it again in my homeland,,, the part that I loved the most of this drama is its romance between Black n Swan, also between Sun Jae and Mari. the sparkle is there and the chemistry is daebak ...Also love the comedy scenes by Meutong , so funny, he is Black's 1st wife :-) Overall, this drama really win my heart , tq MBC, love you all *_* Love the casts specially LJW, MCW,and the character of Mutong, Ji Ryun, Ji Soo, Ma Ri,including the villain casts too, all doing great... This drama isn't really based on military unlike dots. Lee Jin Wook and Moon Chae Won did an outstanding job ...On the contrary, this is the best one for me,I rewatch it for 3 times.The writer tried best to let us easily catch the plot by flashing back the scene or explaining it in detail, I love it , thanks a lot ! All the main actors here not acting as good as their previous dramas .

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So, I do not agree he is flat , even his voice delivering emotions very perfectly!The sound of his crying when his father died ,when he saw his father frozen dead corpse after 5 yrs's death , and when his scream of great pain of illness and Swan asked him to not endure the pain,just scream it out lloud , his voice of scream of the pain was really real, just like one who is really suffering in pain, I cried when I heard his crying and screaming voices and of course combined with his perfect acting and facial expressions that described all just like in real, I relly find him a good and talented actor ! Love the chemistry between black and swan.( shipper here) I don't know how many times I will have to watch it to get over it. Again, the chemistry between the leads is daebak!!!

And I really like the ending and how properly everything is tied at the end. This is one of its kind revenge melodrama you will remember! hats off to all the characters even the supporting roles gave an outstanding performance...meutong was so good in giving out the comic in this show.devil baek eun do was so good in his role that you will really hate him.2nd lead role was so good that you will love him and hate him at the same time.. how many actors can be boy next door and ruggedly hamdsome at the same time?! and i have to thank the writer and director in ensuring that every episode give you all the feels.. definitely on my top list of my kdrama favorites if not no. even i must re-watch more than 3 times on first episode because i can't understand it. T the memmorable scene when mr.black found her sister jisoo was blind and its make me cried :""( . I don't see the character's name in the actor/actress listed below? Many things do not happened like this in real life. Although I read soompi that Lee Jin-Wook and Moon Chae-Woon worked hard on scenes together, I somehow sensed uneasiness between them..observe the way they hugged...many scenes too.