Young earth creationists and carbon 14 dating of diamonds Hotchatdirect sgin

11-Jun-2020 15:48

young earth creationists and carbon 14 dating of diamonds-7

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The conclusion that these scientists refused to consider was that the rock and fossil samples were not millions of years old.

And yet how else do you explain C-14 in supposedly old rocks and fossils?

It shouldn’t be there if the ages are even remotely accurate.

But the problem gets even worse for old-earth evolution.

The project title was Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth, or RATE.

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When we start with God’s Word these findings make perfect sense.

According to the Biblical record, the Earth is only a few thousand years old.

young earth creationists and carbon 14 dating of diamonds-9

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Interestingly, a blank sample measured zero C-14 so it wasn’t a machine error!

This is a huge problem for secular geologists, who believe dates of billions of years.